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In 2013, OP-Pohjola Group recorded its third-best annual results of all time, coming from a strong increase in income and Non-life Insurance’s record earnings. Banking improved its earnings towards the year end and net interest income rose, especially towards the year-end. Smart wallet Pivo and Omasairaala are the new beginnings of our success stories.


One-and-a-half-storey house


Restaurant professionals Isa Turpeinen and Niko Haikarainen sit in the sunny kitchen of their new home and wonder how much has happened during the last few months. When the house built in the 1950s, a standard home type of that time, was shown for the first time, Niko and Isa did not hesitate a minute to go and see the house.

– The house has a great location, is in good condition and the asking price was reasonable,they say.

The Kouvola branch of Kymenlaakson Osuuspankki made an oral promise of the loan to Isa and Niko already during their preliminary visit. At the same time, they decided to change their bank.

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Non-Life insurance

Ensure the coverage of your insurance


Pohjola introduced its improved personal insurance in the spring and the new policy enables easier access to treatment. Päivi Päärni, a mother of five children in Vihti, took a fitness test (Elämänsä kuntotesti) included in Pohjola’s new personal insurance. The test made her think over what policies her family actually needs. 

– I am on child care leave, which is why I have no access to occupational healthcare service at the moment. Public healthcare service does not always function as well as I would like it to do. That is why we often turn to private-sector service providers.When I took the test I was thinking that it would be really great if I could use childcare and cleaning services in case I fall ill. A house call doctor would also be of great help sometimes.

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Wealth Management

A life of leisure


Heimo Toiviainen, who has been retired for about a year now, has had the time to refurbish floors and walls at home after his secondment abroad. He also has the time to pay more frequent visits to his holiday home in Uukunniemi to make repairs and engage in forestry as his leisure time activity.

- We made the kind of choices previously in the expectation of being able to live more comfortably someday, he states. There was a time when we invested energy in our careers and work, saved some money and paid premiums under voluntary retirement savings plan, he states.

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