Case: Quick help from Omasairaala

The Omasairaala hospital based in Pikku Huopalahti, Helsinki, delivers on its promise. This is what Olli Rimpiläinen thinks, a man who broke his collarbone on a downhill slope.

- I have suffered all kinds of minor injuries when snowboarding. Compared with my previous experience of hospitals, the service provided by Omasairaala is faster and smoother. Everything here goes as scheduled and I have not even once had to sit and wait for treatments, says he.

Olli was injured during the last day of his downhill vacation in Italy. Immediately after the trip, Olli called Pohjola which recommended Omasairaala specialising in orthopaedic illnesses and injuries. He could make an appointment with a doctor for Tuesday and was already on an operating table on Wednesday.

In addition to quick access to treatment at Omasairaala, all the red tape that filing a separate claim would have required could be avoided. It is also possible to deal with insurance-related matters at the insurer-owned hospital.

Rimpiläinen gives Omasairaala top marks for how he felt about care at the hospital.

- On the whole, this has been my best experience of medical care that went quickly and smoothly. I have been treated properly and professionally during every visit all the way from the appointment.

Omasairaala treats a lot of knee, shoulder, arm and wrist fractures, muscle strains and ligament injuries. Surgery is not an end in itself but we aim to find the right and effective treatment for every trouble and injury. Quick access to treatment shortens the sickness time, which means cost-savings in many ways. Our mission differs from that of conventional clinics: it is not based on the amount of treatment and care but on the outcome. This will benefit both patients, employers and ultimately our society as a whole, says Markus Torkki, Chief Medical Officer of Omasairaala.


Case: Fund saving, a way to support the protection of small rivers and lakes

OP-Clean Water Fund is an equity fund that invests funds globally in companies offering products and services in the water sector.

"Scarcity of clean water and the challenges of water distribution are cause for concern, but they also create business opportunities. This is why the fund appeals to savers and investors alike, with its nature preservation theme and also financially," explains Samuli Sipilä, Managing Director of OP Fund Management Company.

In the spring of 2013, we introduced a philanthropic share class alongside the accumulation and distribution units, enabling OP-Pohjola Group and the unitholders to jointly help protect water resources. Investors in mutual funds have welcomed this warmly, and by the end of 2013, more than EUR 200,000 had been invested in the philanthropic units.

The underlying investments and expected return of the philanthropic units are equivalent to normal accumulation units in the fund, but the two per cent subscription fee will be donated in full to the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC). The donations are used to finance projects to restore small Finnish rivers and lakes back to their natural state. The subscription fees accumulated in 2013 were used to restore rivers in Southern Ostrobothnia and to introduce European crayfish and sea trout into them.

Pirjo Itkonen of FANC who coordinates cooperation with businesses explains that the donations have enabled the restoration of small rivers and lakes to continue in Ostrobothnia. For example, the beds of Itäjoki brook in Teuva and Töniluoma brook in Kristiinankaupunki were worked on in September. Such work improves the water quality and creates environments for the endangered sea trout and for the the European crayfish, the original crayfish species in Finland. These are prime examples of how a relatively small investment has achieved a lot and restored and created new habitats for valuable species. The objective is to expand such restoration outside Ostrobothnia, as there is plenty of need for this in other parts of the country, too.



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