Year 2013

In 2013 as a whole, OP-Pohjola Group showed one of the best results in its history, showing strong growth. Our earnings improved significantly and our capital adequacy increased to a new record height. Our market share increased in all our main business lines. People have shown great interest in using us as their main bank and insurer: we got 94,000 new joint customers.


Election of Representative Assemblies – the largest election held in Finland in 2013

In November, 62 OP-Pohjola Group cooperative banks held simultaneously the election of their Representative Assemblies. When combining the elections of Representative Assemblies of all banks involved, they represent the largest polls held in Finland in 2013.

The number of electors as owner-members totalled over 900,000.Group cooperative banks are banks operating on the basis of customer needs, where the interests of customers combine with those of owners, and owner-members can really contribute to decisions. The Representative Assembly, which meets around twice a year, decides on the adoption of the financial statements, elects the Supervisory Board and auditors. Its messages of minor, practical affairs are also conveyed to the bank’s management.

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World-class benefits

In the Omat edut (My own benefits) section on OP eServices, customers can easily check OP-bonuses they have earned over the course of the year, the amount used and the amount available at any given time. In addition, customers can view discounts they have received on insurance policies and banking services. Hanna-Mari Parkkinen of Fjord, a service design consultancy and part of Accenture, is both a customer and a banking service expert with regard to her work. She leads service design projects in the financial sector and analyses, for example, customer and loyalty programmes. The firm designs online banking services for six banks ranking among the world’s top ten banks.

- We carried out research work for one of our international banking customers. In that research, we compared the banks' bonus schemes on a global basis. We were naturally pleased to note that the bonus scheme of our own bank was one of the best ones in the world, Parkkinen says happily.

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Key figures

OP-Pohjola Group's key indicators

2013 2012 Change, %
Earnings before tax, € million 705 586 20.4

Banking 411 424 -3.1

Non-life Insurance 167 92 81.7

Wealth Management 113 101 12.1

Returns to owner-members and OP bonus customers 193 192 0.7

31 Dec 2013 31 Dec 2012 Change, %
Core Tier 1 ratio before the transition provisions, % 17.3 14.8 2.5*
Core Tier 1 ratio, % 14.3 14.1 0.2*
Ratio of capital base to minimum amount of capital base ** 1.90 1.90 0.00*
Ratio of non-performing receivables to
loan and guarantee portfolio, %
0.42 0.46 -0.04*
Joint banking and insurance customers (1,000) 1,518 1,425 6.6
Employees 11,983 13,290 -9,8

* Change in ratio

** Under the Act on the Supervision of Financial and Insurance Conglomerates