Business Lines

Pohjola Group provides its customers with banking, non-life insurance and asset management services. In 2013, customer business volumes grew at a rate above the market average and earnings improved in Banking and Non-life Insurance, in particular. During 2013, we created together with our customers innovative solutions, for example, for liquidity management, for making more efficient use of financial markets, for risk management as well as for health and wellbeing.


Expanding in the neighbouring region is easy

The business-friendly environment in Estonia draws Finnish companies to the country. Atria acquired Valga lihatööstus in 2005 and acquired another two companies in 2008, Wõro and Vastse-Kuuste.

- The Baltic market looked interesting and we had decided to expand internationally in order to seek growth. At the same time, we also entered Russia, says Juha Gröhn, CEO of Atria Plc. According to Gröhn, the expansion was a typical expansion process. First, Atria carried out a thorough analysis of the local meat market and the benefits of cooperation.

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Non-Life insurance

Quick help from Omasairaala

The Omasairaala hospital based in Pikku Huopalahti, Helsinki, delivers on its promise. This is what Olli Rimpiläinen thinks, a man who broke his collarbone on a downhill slope.

- I have suffered all kinds of minor injuries when snowboarding. Compared with my previous experience of hospitals, the service provided by Omasairaala is faster and smoother. Everything here goes as scheduled and I have not even once had to sit and wait for treatments, says he.

Olli was injured during the last day of his downhill vacation in Italy. Immediately after the trip, Olli called Pohjola which recommended Omasairaala specialising in orthopaedic illnesses and injuries. He could make an appointment with a doctor for Tuesday and was already on an operating table on Wednesday.

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Wealth Management

Innovative investment solutions

Pohjola Asset Management has for several years now provided the Seafarer’s Pension Fund, Finland’s oldest authorised pension provider in the private sector, with various services designed for institutional investors. In 2013, the Seafarer’s Pension Fund participated in the first subscription for units in Real Estate Debt and Secondaries (REDS), a funds-of-fund established by Pohjola Property Management.

The fund invests its assets in units in international real estate funds on the secondary market, in real estate debt funds and other investment instruments that specifically utilise the real estate market situation. The three pillars of the fund’s investment strategy respond well to the current market situation in which economic uncertainty and tightening regulation create good purchase and financing opportunities to competent Finnish investors.

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Banking's Key figures

2013 2012
Earnings before tax, € mn 251 221
Loan and guarantee portfolio, € bn 16.9 16.2
Margin on corporate loan portfolio, % 1.57 1.52
Impairments of receivables as percentage of loan and guarantee portfolio, % 0.2 0.34
Operating cost/income ratio, % 36 34
Personnel 634 745